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As a photographer with family roots to Kronberg I have always loved and captured the beauty of the city and it's people. As photography became my profession I am booked for weddings, portraits, studio and business photographs. While this business grew bigger, I also rely working in a team with a few of my partners. We are ready for any job. Leave your inquery now.

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We are also available on remote locations. We're not just covering churches and receptions in Kronberg but available to provide a wedding- or portrait session shoot though-out the Rhein-Main area. We even travel to Switzerland and Austria for a few of the biggest events in Europe. With our small studio in Kronberg we also take individual requests from small and middle-sized businesses and shops to cover their products, services, business and team. We are free for all kinds of jobs and deliver them with an excellent quality in a timely manner.

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We believe that being a photographer is a very honest job. While we make our customers happy at events and weddings. We love what we do. We can be creative, think outside the box and get inspired by whom we are surrounded with. Every request is a new and individual challenge and a daily adventure. We are happy to help you out with our experience, know-how and enthusiasm to cover your wedding, your event, or work together on a project and complete it successfully.


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While we are working for several smaller businesses to shoot portraits of services, team or products we are also teaming up with a few of them. In combination to local shoots in Kronberg, we have a good relationship with a hairstudio where our customers can schedule getting their looks top notch for their portrait or wedding session.


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While taking pictures is the biggest piece of our work. We also provide professional video services by request. Having additional video equipment and manpower to document your your wedding, reception or a full fledged promotion video or trailer for businesses to grow reach on exhibitions or social media. All videos are fully composed, cut, color graded and hand-polished for a perfect experience.

Promotion and advertisements
Promotion and advertisements

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We can produce high quality images within your own business premises to cover your whole staff and create a portfolio with team-, group and head-shots at an professional on-location studio environment. For bigger corporations or events with with a dedicated photo corner we can provide several studios and photographers to deliver quick succession of shooting portraits.

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Every project will get our full and individual attention. While we carefully prepare and carry out each task to full-fill our service we deliver high quality photos and videos in an efficient and timely manner. We process images and video with just the best tools in the industry.

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Now it's your turn. We can deliver almost all kinds of photography services. If you're looking for a photographer who is covering your wedding, event or portrait or business shoot. Feel free to send us a message now. We are usually answering requests within a couple hours at the most. For very urgent request, feel free to give us a call.

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